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About AVGO

St. John, Indiana Breakfast & Lunch Dining

Located just 45 miles southeast of Chicago’s Loop in Saint John, Indiana, AVGO is the choice breakfast and lunch spot for those who love good and appreciate a break from the norm. We were inspired to reimagine classic breakfast and lunch offerings alongside a full-service bar featuring hand-crafted coffee and cocktails all within an atmosphere that inspires you and those at your table.


Our Atmosphere

When designing AVGO, it was important for us to compliment our creative dishes and drink offerings with an atmosphere that inspires you and those at the table with you. Our large, bright open space features a modern aesthetic conducive for meals and meetings alike. Family, friends, professionals, and individuals are encouraged to take advantage of this fresh and inspiring space for their own enjoyment and the enjoyment of our unique creations. Cheers!


How We Got Here

For creator and owner Pete Klideris, AVGO has been years in the making. The passion for food and hospitality started 32 years ago at Ted’s–his dad’s first restaurant in Calumet City. It was here Pete learned the business side of things but more importantly learned how food connects to the community.

Pete soon began to express this passion by opening and managing several restaurants throughout Northwest Indiana and the greater Chicago Metropolitan area. However, he feels as though AVGO is the culmination of all his years of experience and creative ideas.

“Standard meets creativity is the story of AVGO. Big plates of what you’re familiar with while pushing the boundaries with our simple yet diverse menu and our full-service coffee and cocktail bar.”

While creativity and expression are values for Pete, a conviction of local and higher ingredients is close behind. AVGO has gone to great lengths to find the best ingredients and to partner locally with farmers, roasters, and makers to offer a dining experience that supports and features their neighbors. Cage-free eggs, locally roasted coffee, craft beer collaboration, and hand-made custom tables and booths are just a few of the ways AVGO has partnered locally to make this idea a reality.

“The goal of AVGO is good,” says Pete. “When people experience good, they want more, and they want to share in that goodness with others.”